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The Straight 8s have worked hard for over a decade to write, record, and perform music that resonates with listeners drawn to the raw energy embodied in traditional rock-a-billy music.  While the band has earned a solid reputation for their live shows, it is the creative process that drives founding member Robert Striegler.   With two full-length records of original material, the Straight 8s are clearly not content with being a glorified cover-band or nostalgia act. 

The success of the Straight 8s has been achieved by members past and present, including Robert Striegler, Mike Pratt, Matt Busch, Bernie Fox, Pat McGraw, Shawn “Lucky” Elbel, Daniel Mebane, and Mark Murphy.  Each of these musicians has contributed to the band’s growth, and imprinted a strand of their musical DNA on the band’s sound.   No doubt the band will continue to evolve going forward.    Faced with the choice of “adapt or die”,  The Straight 8s  choose “adapt and work harder”. 

To learn a bit more about the current line-up, click on members in the photo at the top of this page.

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